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[Youngeun Art Studio 10th Residence Artists wanted AD]
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Youngeun Artist-In-Residence

Youngeun Creative Studio
10th Artists-In-Residence Recruitment
October 6th (Tue) - October 23th (Fri), 2015

A. Positions and Volume
1. Subject: All areas of visual arts including Flat Surface, Three-Dimensional Structure, Image, and Crafts
2. Volume: about 20 individuals (6 long-term, 14 short-term) (Team of 2 or more possible)
3. Period: 2 years (long-term) or 3 to 6 months (short-term)
4. Facility Support: 1 room of studio and 1 room of research building (Residence)

B. Submission Documents
1. 1 Studio Tenant Application Form (Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art homepage (Korean)
          Community Archives)
Please fill out Applicaition Form on computer and print it to submit. File should be submitted in a CD.
2. Data of Artworks
Image (captions included) - Powerpoint of within 10 works (a CD and 1 printed copy)
Video and New Media - A video within 5 minutes in DVD with 1 print of image
        output(one copy of each Studio Tenant Application Form and Image(Powerpoint))
          CD(Studio Tenant Application Form and Original Image(Powerpoint))

C. Application
1. Address: 12791 Curator Room, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, 300, Cheongseok-ro,
          Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
2. Method: Registered post (No reception in visit)
3. Period: October 6th (Tue) - October 23th (Fri), 2015 <Valid until deadline postmark>
Please mark (contain) on the outside of envelop of Creative Studio Artists-In-Residence
        Recruitment Application Form

D. Evaluation and Announcement
1. Process
: 1st Evaluation (document examination) ->2nd Evaluation (presentation and interview)
3rd Evaluation (final interview)

2. Announcement
          1st (document examination) : In November 2015
          2nd (presentation and interview) : In Last November 2015
          3rd (final interview) : In early December 2015 (expected), Individual notification and annoucement on
          Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Museum website (Korean)

        3. Period of Residence
  Long-term: March 2016 - February 2018 (expected)
  Short-term: 3 to 6 months during March 2016 - February 2018

More details on Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art website
Applicants must note Creative Studio operation regulations (Homepage (Korean) Creative Studio Operation Regulations)