Kim HyeIn, Nam DaHyun, Jang WooJoo
In this exhibition, rather than defining phenomena or problems that occur in a complex and diverse modern society as a single definition or drawing limits within a set framework, it looks at it from its own new perspective and breaks down boundaries to open up various interpretations. In addition, the world of three works, combined with the colorful space of the museum beyond the ordinary white cube-white wall, presents visitors with an opportunity to look at society as a new eye for art.
Kim Duck Yong
The special exhibition "The Twenty-four Light Winds Between Chagyeong and Jagyeong" at the Young-eun Museum of Art is an exhibition that shows a wide world of works, ranging from the idea and abstraction of Kim Duck-yong, who has long shaped the source of our mind with light and texture based on trees and mother-of-pearls. In this exhibition, the source tree of the forest and the mother-of-pearl from the sea enter the exhibition hall to showcase the wide world of works by the artist who embraces the concept to the abstract. From the warm image of her mother to the view of Mother Mother Mother's home sea, to the universe that embraces all of this. Through the beginning, extinction, and another generation, the infinite circulation of life is unraveled into works. The story of Kim Deok-yong's work, which penetrates all of these works that created Jagyeongjajaja (self-made scenery) with Chagyeong, is life and circulation. We are all born of our mother. I hope it will be a valuable time to sympathize with the human journey of gaining new life and becoming one of the countless lights that exist in the universe in the distant future through the light of mother-of-pearl and the breath of trees.
Kim Eun Jin, Park Hyun Joo, Han Hong Soo
2022.5.21(SAT) - 12.31(SAT)
Three People, Three Colors: N Moments is a project in which three artists (Kim Eun Jin, Park Hyun Joo and Han Hong Soo), who discover various colors and inner sensibilities, work on the keyword "space" inside the Young-eun Museum of Art. It is a modern art work installed in harmony in the environment and space, allowing visitors to discover the moment when space and art meet, which were not recognized as exhibition places. The 5th Space Project expands the meaning of the exhibition space that modern art simply occupied, and expands countless moments that existed inside the artist into art works and back into space. The three different spaces of the Yeongeun Museum of Art changed the daily space into an exhibition place from the artistic sensibility that began inside the artist. Through this project, I hope you will interpret the art methodology of the three YAFPs and understand the space to form a new relationship with art.
Kim Kira and 11 Others
The Yeongeun Museum of Art will hold a "space: 12 people, 3 colors" for the vivid painting of Gyeonggi Visual Culture and Arts. In this exhibition, 12 out of 21 artists selected for the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation's Basic Arts Creation Support Program in 2022 will showcase colors of different themes in the three exhibition spaces of the Yeongeun Museum of Art. This exhibition is an exhibition that focuses on the presentation of new works by 12 artists in three different spaces rather than one theme. Kim Hwa Hyun, Lee Hyuk Jong, Yoo Hwa Soo, Lee Aram, Kim Eun Sook, Cha Cha Ryang, Choi Eun Kyung in the third exhibition, and Kim Kira, Seo In Hye, Seo Hae Young, Jang Jin Seung, and Jeon Jin Kyung in the fourth exhibition show our daily lives, moments, and the perspectives we all looked outside through paintings, videos, sounds, etc. In addition, the main exhibition, which announces the results of the creation of 12 artists, will also be held at the same time as a critic program for the artist and the new work will be held. I hope it will be a valuable time to enjoy the artist's thoughts and discourse on them at the same time.